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Acrylic on panel

12 x 18 inches



The lavender farms near Port Angeles and Sequim on Washington's Olympic Peninsula are world famous for their picturesque summer explosions of purple. My wife and I decided to dedicate a full day to capturing on canvas one of the lavender fields of the farm called "Purple Haze." The name, of course, references a famous song written by Seattle-born rock legend Jimi Hendrix.


Lavender is best known for its luxurious scent and the oil that can be extracted from it. So we had the pleasure of breathing in that scent for hours as we raced the setting sun to get our paintings to acceptable degree of completeness. By the time we were done, the farm had long since closed and the tourists had all gone home. The farmer was surprisingly delighted that we were still there and enjoyed chatting with us as we finished up. 

Purple Haze Lavender Farm

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