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Ted Weinberg


I believe in saving and savoring our natural environment, preserving world peace, reducing the proliferation of firearms, the depolarization of wealth, and showing kindness to all.
My artwork to date has focused primarily on the natural environment, partly because it holds still long enough for me to paint it. In recent years I've started taking week-long painting road trips with my wife who also paints. So far we have focused on landscapes that evoke the local character and natural grandeur of the Pacific Northwest, where we live. I prefer to paint in the "plein air" style, which means painting outdoors on location. Since I live in the Pacific Northwest, that means painting in the summer. 

I don't have that much formal training in painting, but my wife introduced me to some of the tools and techniques of acrylic painting back in the 90's. My high school Technical Drawing teacher "Doc" Lindquist taught me the mechanics of perspective drawing in the mid-80's. Several professors in Architecture school at the University of Virginia taught me the language of design and how to keep the primary components of a composition in the right proportion in the late 80's. On top of that, I make a regular pilgrimage with my fellow officemates to the Seattle Art Museum every third Friday afternoon to experience their latest exhibits. I continue to be inspired by the "grand opera style" of the 19th century landscape painters Thomas Moran and Fredrick Edwin Church.

Feel free to join my email list or connect on Instagram @tedweinberg. I paint as a hobby, so I don't actively market my paintings. That said, if there's a piece on these pages that resonates enough that you'd like to consider adding it to your collection, or if there's a special location not yet captured here that you'd like to suggest we consider including in one of our future "paint week" vacations, please let me know.

Ted Weinberg

Mercer Island, WA USA

For collaborative works with Fen Hsu and artwork by Fen Hsu, click below:
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May 25, 2023, Networking and Connections, with Laura Clise and Young Tea, Slip Gallery, Belltown

May 2023,  Fortitude, Slip Gallery, Belltown in Seattle, with artist networking event on May 27

May 2023, Northwest Mood, Parlour Wines Madison Park

April to June 2023, Two for the Road, original landscapes, Bothell Visitor Center

July 2022,  Plein Air Views of Washington, Magnuson Park Gallery

May 2022, Creativity is Ageless, Merrill Gardens, Kirkland, WA

July 2021, Plein Air Views of Washington at Magnuson Park Gallery, Online Exhibit and Drop-in Gallery


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Thanks for submitting!

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