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Creativity and community for social change and environmental sustainability.


ArtsyWiz supports social change and environmental sustainability with tutorials that bring together building professionals, artists, and all persons interested in creativity and community. Whether you are a freelance creator or a career landscape or engineering professional, our tutorials are a chance to take a breath, discover wonder, make friends, and develop skills.

Creative Growth

ArtsyWiz, learning platform and creative community opens artistic exploration and professional tutorials to all who are interested, with no pay wall or income barrier.


Our tutorials remove the silos of public administration, building professionals and artistic practitioners to advance visionary landscapes and social organization.

Self Publishing

Learn how to create a PDF on your phone or using Adobe Indesign. Review options for publishing your work.

Visionary Landscapes

Awaken your inner designer and create landscapes capturing the joy of the world.

Healing and Journaling

Reflect on regeneration and nature on the road to healing. Journal your experiences to affirm hope.

All Things Technology

Add plein air painting to your next road trip. Explore electric vehicle long range trip planning and optimize fun. Or explore the latest Cloud vendors for project management. For Luddites and techies alike.

Spirit and Vision

Why nature and community are the essence of well-being and societal advancement.

“Deprived of bread or the equal benefits of the commonwealth, the person shrivels. Obviously. And that is a clear line to fight on. But when the transcendent energies waste away, then too the person shrivels--though far less obviously. Their loss is suffered in privacy and bewildered silence; it is easily submerged in affluence, entertaining diversions, and adjustive therapy. Well fed and fashionably dressed, surrounded by every manner of mechanical convenience and with our credit rating in good order, we may even be ashamed to feel we have any problem at all.”
 Theodore Roszak, Where the Wasteland Ends
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